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Heidlochstrasse Bldg #146
70376 Stuttgart-Burgholzhof

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Commissary Store Brands are here: Freedom's Choice, Top Care, and homebase.  We are always getting more of these new high quality, low-cost products, so come by and see what's new.

Sidewalk Sales

No sidewalk sales at this time.

Department Telephone Numbers

Commissary Officer: 0711 819 7922 (DSN 420-7922)

Customer Service: 0711 819 7923 (DSN 420-7923)

Store Manager: 0711 819 7927 (DSN 420-7927)

Special Information

CLICK2GO Beginning 20 Sep 2021

As Easy As 1-2-3

Command mandate – All personnel required to wear a Face Covering (MASKS) inside all DoD buildings.”


1. Place your order on our website

2. We'll select and bag your groceries

3. Drive to the store and pick it up!

4. Order online up to 6 Days ahead 24/7

5. No minimum order required

6. $4.95 service fee (WAIVED), NO SERVICE FEE


SUBJECT: SOSG Interim Guidance 20-04- COVID-19 Operational Procedures

1. PURPOSE. To provide operational guidance for the COVID-19 Pandemic

2. APPLICABILITY. This guidance applies to all commissaries.

3. RESPONSIBILITIES. Area Directors, Store Operations, Zone Managers, and Store Directors are responsible for implementing guidance and monitoring compliance.

4. BACKGROUND. IAW DeCAM 40-6.1, Chapter 3, Authorized Patrons.

5. INTERIM GUIDANCE. Recent guidance sent out to the stores for implementation is iterated here in a single document for clarification and ease of use.

.• No patron will be turned away due to having an expired ID card.

• Store directors have discretion to place shopping limits on selected items to maintain stock availability for all patrons.

• To help prevent spread of germs, cashiers will not handle patron ID cards. Patrons will be asked to scan their own ID card. Cashiers can use the handheld scanner if available.

• Early bird shopping is suspended to allow time for the store to clean and restock.

• Stores will continue to follow current item return policy.

• All special events such as the sidewalk sales, in-store product demonstrations, free coffee program; self-serve products; group tours; vendor-sponsored events; CLICK2GO celebrations; etc., are hereby cancelled.

• Store directors will work with installation commanders and implement their emergency directives. Any special direction should be forwarded to Store Operations for review.

6. UPDATES. Will be published as circumstances dictate.

Guest Rules

100% I.D Checks are no longer required at the entrance, which allows for Guests.

In-Store Wi-Fi

Anyone in the store can access the store's free Wi-Fi from the sales floor after accepting the terms of service agreements

Special Order Information

Fruit and Veggie Trays

Fruit and Veggie trays are now available! Please allow a minimum 48hrs for us to prepare your order options:

  • 12" Fruit Tray
  • 16" Fruit Tray
  • 18" Fruit Tray
  • Small Veggie Tray
  • Medium Veggie Tray
  • Large Veggie Tray
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