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ATTENTION ALL - Today Wednesday, February 17, 2021 is the last day to submit your Scholarships applications. Please read information below.

SCHOLARSHIP FOR MILITARY CHILDREN PROGRAM 2021 - From: 12-14-2020 -To- 02-17-2021

The Scholarships for Military Children Program for academic year 2021 – 2022 begins accepting applications Dec. 14 this year. Applications are due by Feb. 17.

Selection qualifications are straightforward. Requirements include completing the application; submission of the student’s official transcript indicating a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale for high school applicants, or college transcript indicating a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale for students already enrolled in college; and an essay of 500 words or less, no longer than two pages. The subject of the essay will be listed at the Scholarships for Military Children website once the application period opens.

Eligibility for the program is determined using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System database. Applicants should ensure that they, as well as their sponsor, are enrolled in the DEERS database and have a current military dependent ID card. The applicant must also be planning to attend or already be attending an accredited college or university, full time, in the fall of 2021 or be enrolled in a program of studies designed to transfer directly into a four-year program.

Applicants who are awarded a full scholarship to attend a college or university or receive an appointment to one of the service academies or affiliated preparatory schools are not eligible to receive funds from this program. A full scholarship is usually defined as one that provides for payment of tuition, books, lab fees and other expenses.

For scholarship year 2021-22, Fisher House Foundation will award 500 scholarship grants of $2,000 each. The selection process will begin immediately following receipt of all applications in February.

All rules and requirements for the program, as well as links to frequently asked questions are available at the Scholarships for Military Children website.

Fisher House also recently added an additional custom scholarship search engine to the site, tailored to military families, called “Scholarships for Service.” It’s free, easy to use, and available on mobile devices or computers at





TUESDAY - 0900 – 1800 - MARCH 9, 2021

WEDNESDAY - 0900 – 1800 - MARCH 10, 2021

THURSDAY - 0900 – 1800 - MARCH 11, 2021

FRIDAY - 0900 – 1800 - MARCH 12, 2021

SATURDAY - 0900 – 1800 - MARCH 13, 2021



Due to the emergency situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Fort Buchanan has implemented Health Protection Condition (HPCON) CHARLIE. For information regarding Installation access, please visit FTB Facebook at:  

Senior Mission Commander Guidance 

Installation Access Policy   

Visitor Control Center: (787) 707-3995

Effective 29 September 2020

**This notice explains the Senior Mission Commander’s Guidance on Fort    Buchanan’s Installation Access Policy effective 29 September 2020 until further notice. THIS POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME –     Please watch for updates on our Facebook and Webpage**


1.  HPCON Charlie:  US Army Garrison Fort Buchanan is currently under Health    Protection Condition (HPCON) Charlie (Substantial - Sustained Community Transmission). Information about HPCON Charlie measures is available at: To protect the force, we urge our community members to follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for hygiene and social distancing. The use of cloth face covering and social distancing of not less than six (6) feet is mandatory at the installation if indoors or unable to maintain social distancing. Do not come on post if you are sick or been mandated to be on restriction of movement from your command or health care provider. 

2.  SPC Vega and The Borinqueneers Gates access:

a.  Until further notice, SPC Frances M. Vega gate is open Monday—Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Sunday and Federal  holidays closed), Inbound and Outbound traffic. Traffic through this gate is ONLY for Service Members, Common Access Card (CAC) card holders, select personnel from the Puerto Rico National Guard supporting COVID-19 operations, and Fort Buchanan housing residents with the    yellow identification cards. Uniform wear is not required.

b.  Borinqueneer’s Gate (Main Gate on PR 28) is open 24/7. Wednesday to Saturday ALL valid installation access credentials will be accepted at Borinqueneer’s Gate from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and must exit the installation by 6 p.m. if not associated with the installation. The MWR card and the VHIC pass are accepted to access the installation. 

c. VHIC and MWR cardholders, in addition to Retirees and their dependents will be allowed on base without license plate number restrictions ONLY Wednesday to Saturday and restricted from accessing the installation on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays. 

d. Only up to four (4) affiliated persons per vehicle. Exception are Resident's with Yellow credentials who may have more than four persons in a vehicle or Soldiers in uniform. All passengers must wear cloth face covering (mask).

e. The trusted traveler program is suspended. No guests allowed.

f. Retired Disabled Veterans (RET DAV) are authorized to have one (1) authorized person to assist them to shop at either the Commissary or Exchange.  Appropriate paperwork and clearance will be vetted at the VCC.

g. COVID-19 medical screenings to include temperature checks will be conducted for all personnel attempting to access Fort Buchanan.  Any individual deemed unsafe will be denied installation access. Failure to comply will lead to negative action.

3.   Access Delays:  We expect medical screenings to cause major delays.  Personnel seeking access to Fort Buchanan must plan accordingly.

4. Commissary (DeCA) and Exchange (AAFES) Operations:

a.  Only two (2) persons will be allowed to enter the Commissary and Exchange together. Bring umbrellas for protection, and fluids for hydration for long wait times.

b. All active/reserve Service Members and their dependents will have access to visit the Commissary and the  Exchange every day of the week; however, preferred days will be Sunday through Tuesday with shorter wait time.

c. Federal employees authorized to visit the Commissary and Exchange will have access to visit the Commissary and the Exchange during the week; however, preferred days will be Sunday through Tuesday.

    d.  The visitor policy is suspended.  Authorized patrons are NOT permitted to bring any visitors into the Commissary or Exchange facilities. Only one hundred and fifty (150) in-store customers will be allowed at any given time  inside the Exchange main store, only fifty (50) at the PXtra and only three (3) at the Gas Station Store. Only one hundred (100) in-store customers will be allowed at any given time inside the Commissary. The use of cloth face covering and social distancing of not less than six (6) feet is mandated and will be  strictly enforced, unless cohabitation of spouse or children. Social distancing is mandated inside the stores as well as in the lobby, food court, sidewalk and parking areas.

e.  Patrons will bring and wear their own protective equipment - cloth face covering (mask) and gloves.  None will be dispensed at Fort Buchanan. Patrons should be prepared to stand for long periods of time.

f.    Patrons will adhere to the above instructions as well as any other imparted by DeCA, AAFES and Fort Buchanan’s Police Force. Non-compliant patrons will be escorted off the installation and will be barred from reentering post as deemed proper.

5. Mandatory Guidance:

This Notice constitutes an ORDER to all individuals within the Fort Buchanan military installation.  It is mandatory and punitive in nature.  Violators will face adverse criminal and administrative sanctions.  The Visitor Control Center hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.  If you have questions concerning access to Fort Buchanan, please contact the Visitor Control Center at (787) 707-3995. Access to the Visitor Control Center is limited to five (5) patrons at a time inside the facility.  First come-first served by sign-in roster.  VHIC and MWR Card holders must receive locally produced credentials at VCC.


SUNDAY - 0900-1800 HRS


TUESDAY - 0900-1800 HRS 


THURSDAY 0900-1800 HRS

FRIDAY 0900-1800 HRS

SATURDAY 0900-1800 HRS

Items on Sale

No items on sale at this time.

Sidewalk Sales

No sidewalk sales at this time.

Department Telephone Numbers

Main Phone Number: 787.707.2078 + Extension as follows:

Customer Service: x1004 / x1020 

Grocery Department: x1001

Meat Department: x1008

Produce Department: x1009

Warehouse: x1060

MSC: x1019 / x1062 / 1023 / 1012

Deli: x1072

Store Manager: x1010

Assistant Commissary Officer: x1024 / x1021

Commissary Officer: x1021

Special Information

Early Bird Hours 

NOTE: Currently under the COVID-19-HPCON Charlie, the Early Bird hour is temporarily cancelled. Hours of operation are as posted 0900 - 1800. Head of line privilege will only be for Active Duty in uniform. All others will access the Commissary via one line.

-- Fort Buchanan GARRISON Information --

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Guest Rules

Currently, no visitors allowed due to current temporary Change to Access HPCON - CHARLIE.

Special Order Information

Please provide 24-hour notice for all orders unless otherwise stated.

Produce Department

Place special orders for fruit baskets and vegetable's trays with our Produce Department. Check out the color-burst bouquets of roses and other flowers. We also offer a variety of herbal plants to use in your kitchen and planted flowers to beautify your home garden! Call Produce at 787.707.2277 to order.

Meat Department

Request special cuts or packages of meat through our Meat Department. Call 787.707.2085 to order.


SOUP OF THE DAY available at your Deli; Lobster, Clam chowder and Chili

Rotisserie chicken also available. Orders of cold cuts and/or cheese platters require 48-hours advance notice. Check out our fresh baked bread! Our breads include , brown/white wheat. We also offer an appetizing tray of sandwiches! Call the Deli at 787.707.2244 to order.

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