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890.3925 / 3924
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4755 Pasture Road
Bldg. #340
Fallon, NV 89496
United States

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours


In an effort to further enhance our ability to execute our mission and support our installation during the COVID-19.

We are no longer limiting any of the store hours, it is open to all eligible patrons.

100% I.D. card check at the entrance of the store and no visitors.  This is to reduce the number of people in the store and help with social distancing.

This is the Naval Air Station Fallon's facebook link for updates in regards to Coronavirus.








Items on Sale

Featured Items and Sales Flyer

Check our current sales flyer and see what’s on sale before you shop. Privilege confirmation required to see sale prices. The sales flyer is also posted in-store by the water fountain! Enjoy the great deals!

More Ways to Save

Additional Savings just a click away. Use your Rewards Card to add additional savings.

Use the coupons located at the entrance for additional savings.

Sidewalk Sales

Postponed until further notice.


Department Telephone Numbers

William Hicks, Store Director: 775.426.3420 x223

Vacant, Store Manager: 775.426.3420 x236

Leeann Robinson, Grocery Manager: 775.426.3420 x 231

Roxanne Walker-Schulenberg, Secretary: 775.426.3420 x 221

For all other departments please call 775.426.2298.

Special Information

Department of Defense Expanding Access to Military Commissaries, Exchanges and Recreation Facilities. 

For more information regarding eligibility for the VHIC and application process visit https://www.va.gov/healthbenefits/vhic

In Store Wi-Fi

The NAS Fallon Commissary is now offering in-store Wi-Fi access for patrons:

  • Anyone in the store can access the stores free Wi-Fi from the sales floor area.
  • Prior to accessing the stores free Wi-Fi, one must accept Defense Commissary Agency's terms of Service Agreement.
  • Patrons with questions about accessing Wi-Fi should contact the stores customer service representative.

Guest Rules


***At this time "early bird" hours have been temporarily eliminated due to COVID-19.  Additionally, only valid ID card holders are able to access the store at this time--no additional visitors will be allowed to access the store***


Special Order Information

Cry-O-Vac Primals

Our Meat Department offers full primals of meat for sale at a considerable savings to you! We will gladly cut and package it to your specifications. With advance notice we can freeze it for easier transportation.

Among the selections we have to offer are: Choice top loin (New York), Choice short loins (T-bones), and Choice and Select boneless ribeyes.

It's a great way to stretch your food dollar, and our Choice grade is impeccable. The Fallon meatcutters will provide you with excellent customer service and advice. Please call 775.426.2298.

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