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Normal Hours
1100 - 1700
0900 - 1900
0900 - 1900
0900 - 1900
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0900 - 1800
Deli Hours
1100 - 1700
0900 - 1800
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2649 LeMay Blvd.
Ellsworth AFB, SD 57706
United States

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours


COMING SOON! Click-2-Go Curbside pickup!

Starting May 14, 2021, Patrons who are 2 weeks removed from their final vaccination are not required to wear a mask while in the facility. Patrons who have not been fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask while in the facility.

Patrons are encouraged to use hand sanitizer when entering. A hand sanitizer station is available at the entrance.

Items on Sale


Grocery specials

Reward Card coupons can save you $$$!

New items are added to the "Clearance Corner" regularly.

Special order any item you may want/ need. See any store employee for further assistance.

Meat Deals  

Check the mark down freezer, located at the end of the fresh meat case, for the lowest prices on meats.

We have Meat Boxes at a 30% savings over our competitors. Please order your Meat Box giving 24 hours advance notice.

Tailgate Power Box, 19 Pounds of select cuts of Beef and Pork, selling price = $ 80.00

Economy Power Box, 15 Pounds of select cuts of Beef and Pork, selling price = $ 30.00

Healthy Alternative Power Box, 16 Pounds of lean cuts of select Beef and Pork, selling price = $ 45.00

Fix it and Forget It Power Box, 15 Pounds of select cuts of Beef, selling price = $ 38.00

If you have a question about any meat item, ask any of our knowledgeable meat associates. They can help you make selections or explain how to cook a cut for the best results of flavor and texture 

Produce: Fruit and More

This weeks specials;

  • Yellow Peaches
  • 3 Pound Apples
  • Squash
  • 3 CT Limes
  • 3 CT Romaine Hearts
  • 10 ounce Tomatoes
  • Organic 1 pound carrot

Special order fruit and vegetable trays are always available.

Bakery/ Deli

We have hot Rotisserie Cooked Chickens daily!

We have your Rye Breads!

Let the Bakery/ Deli bake your breads and cakes.

We carry specialty meats and cheeses.

Sidewalk Sales

No sidewalk sales at this time.

Department Telephone Numbers

Customer Service Desk: 605.385.4508
Store Director: 605.385.4510
Store Administrator: 605.385.4521
Grocery Manager: 605.385.4535
Meat Department Manager: 605.385.4562
Produce Department Manager: 605.385.4598
Deli/Bakery Manager: 605.385.4507
Warehouse Receiving: 605.385.4596
Administrative Office: 605.385.4510

Special Information

We have employment opportunities for Sales Store Checkers! Go to USAJOBS.GOV to apply!

Commissary CLICK2GO Coming Soon!

Making the benefit more convenient for you!

Let your commissary team do your shopping for you! It is as easy as – order online – choose your time – pick up curbside! Fast and easy!

Bagging-Optional Lane

We now have check lane #1 as bagger optional. You get the convenience of a cashier with the option of a bagger. Baggers are always available if you want on any register if you want their assistance. 

Express Line Newsletter

If you would like to subscribe to the Express Line Newsletter, send an email to: debra.mara.@deca.mil and include "Subscribe me to Express Line" in the subject line. Express Line subscribers also get the sale flyer twice a month. Plan your savings using the sale flyer!

Rewards Card

Are you taking advantage of the savings you can get from using the rewards card? If you don't have a rewards card yet ask a cashier for one and start your savings.  

Guest Rules


Patrons are encouraged to use hand sanitizer when entering. A hand sanitizer station is available at the entrance.

Special Order Information

Special Order Items

If you are planning a big celebration and need extra supplies, please remember to order large quantities from the Commissary at least 2 weeks from the date you need them. It takes us that long to order and receive your items without cutting our supplies short. This includes Meat, Produce, Grocery and Deli items.


Place a special order or ask the meat clerk to cut or slice to your specification. 


You can order a fruit/ veggie tray anytime. How about one to take to that special occasion?


If you can't find what you are looking for, can we special order it for you?


You can special order items from any Deli associate. They have cakes for many occasions with lots of designs to choose from. Please order in advance. The specialty sandwiches and paninis are perfect for lunch!  Rotisserie chickens are made fresh throughout the day.

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