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757-7004, 7002, 7005 (Mon-Fri), 757-7017, 18, 19(11AM-7PM), 757-7005
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Store Hours

Normal Hours
0900 - 2000
1000 - 1900
1000 - 2000
1000 - 2000
1000 - 2000
1000 - 2000
0900 - 2000
Early Bird Hours Temporary Suspended until further notice
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Unit 15472, BLDG P5725
Camp Humphreys
South Korea

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours

Effected March 19, 2020 the Commissary temporarily eliminate "early bird" shopping hours to allow more time for cleaning and re-stocking of our stores. New temporarily hours.

Monday 1000 – 1900

Tuesday 1000 – 2000

Wednesday 1000 – 2000

Thursday 1000 – 2000

Friday 1000 – 2000

Saturday: 09:00 AM - 20:00 PM

Sunday: 09:00 AM - 20:00 PM


Items on Sale

Camp Humphreys Sales Items are:

Bounty Paper Towels

037000-76213 Select-A-Sheet 2pk     50% off

037000-47726 Select-A-Sheet 6pk     50% off


852629-00477 Brat Sausage 14 OZ      22% off

852629-00476 Swt Italian Sau 14 OZ    20% off

852629-00458 Beyond Patties 8 OZ     34% off

850004-20709 Beef Ground 16 OZ       20% off

Upcoming Promotions/Events:

May 2021

In celebration of Military Appreciation Month and

National BBQ Month, Your Camp Humphreys Commissary

will be raffling away (1) Weber Charcoal BBQ

Grill every Friday at 12:00 for the duration of the month.


Mother's Day (May 9th)

Your Commissary will be giving away (2) $25 Commissary

Gift Cards to the lucky winners of the "Mothers-of-the-Day"

contest. Submissions will be accepted from May 1 - May 8.

See store for eligible submission criteria.

Sidewalk Sales

Effective 13 March, 2020, all (in-store) formal product demonstration activity is suspended.  The suspension of this activity is due to ongoing concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 and an overabundance of caution for the safety of our employees, customers, and Industry partners. Formal product demonstrations are defined as the sampling or featuring of food or non-food item(s) on a demonstration table that draws customers to the location for the purpose of sampling and/or incentivizing purchase of the product.

Also, In addition, all special events at store level are postponed until further notice. Special events are defined, but not limited to: sidewalk sales, group tours, vendor sponsored events, Month of the Military Child activities (store tours, coloring contest, and scholarship award ceremonies), Veterans recognition ceremonies, etc.


Department Telephone Numbers

Admin: DSN)757-7004, 7002, 7005, Com) 0503-357-7004, 7002, 7005

Grocery: DSN)757-7018, 7017, Com) 0503-357-7018, 7017

Produce: DSN)757-7030, Com) 0503-357-7030

Meat: DSN)757-7031, Com) 0503-357-7031

Front End: DSN)757-7019, Com) 0503-357-7019

Bakery: DSN)757- 7023, Com) 0503-357-7023

Deli :DNS)757- 7024, Com) 0503-357-7024

Special Information

Agent Shopping Program Operating Instructions - Commissary

Discretionary volunteer-based shopping program where a volunteer will shop for a person unable to shop for themselves due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

1. Shopping and point-of-sale processes will take place at the commissary.

2. The Installation will provide a dedicated telephone line or command website/email inbox for patrons to call in or electronically submit orders.

3. The Installation will brief volunteers on the process and provide instructions and order sheets.

4. Customer will call in or electronically submit orders to the volunteer.

5. Volunteer will inform customer the only form of payment that can be used is a credit card. Once customer agrees to the process, the volunteer will inform customer that a DeCA employee will call them when the order is rung up to complete the payment process. Volunteers are not to ask for credit card information.

6. Volunteer will ask the customer for: name, address and phone number. Volunteer will repeat all information to customer to verify.

7. Once all required information is verified volunteer will take customers order.

8. Volunteer will shop and fill the order, calling customer if substitutions or clarification is needed.

9. Once order is completed volunteer will take the order to the register.

10. DeCA cashier will ring up order. Once completed a designated DeCA employee will call the customer to get credit card information.

11. Once credit card has been processed, the DeCA employee will print two receipts—one for the customer and one for our records. All receipts will have TO (telephone order) written on the signature line.

12. The volunteer that will deliver the groceries, or take them out to the car for pickup by the customer, must print and sign their name on the order sheet and provide verifiable contact information. The DeCA receipt will be attached to that sheet and maintained on file.

13. DeCA employee will verify all required information has been provided by the volunteer and that all documentation is easy to read.

14. Volunteer will leave store to make the delivery or finalize pickup and will verify the identity of the customer via a government-issued ID or an agent letter for caregivers before releasing the order

Organic Food Products

You can find organic products throughout your Camp Humphreys commissary. They are easily identified on store shelves by the small green signs displaying the organic seal of the United States Department of Agriculture. Find a wide variety of organic items ranging from organic milk, eggs, soups, yogurts, frozen veggies, cereals, frozen pizzas, enchiladas, shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions throughout the store. 


In a hurry? Stop by the Grab-N-Go case. Come and grab some sushi or one of our ready-to-eat sandwiches packed with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and mustard. Cold drinks are available beside the case as well. We have a great variety of fruit. Grab one of our convenient containers to go or order a fruit tray. Pineapples, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, and other fruits are healthy snack choices.

Guest Rules

In order to meet our SOFA obligations, the general rule is that only authorized patrons and guess may entry into the commissary. This policy restricts access in order to minimize the potential for abuse and ensure the U.S. complies with the intent of the SOFA. To protect the commissary benefits, I.D. cards and ration cards will be verified upon checking out.

As everyone has no doubt been monitoring the news and Alerts, it is important to look around our own communities and daily routines and see what each of us individually can do to protect ourselves and our families from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

First and foremost, there are actions we can all do right now to mitigate the spread of any illness at all, whether it be the common cold, flu, or COVID-19.

These policies include the following actions:

  • Effective immediately, a 100-percent ID card check at all commissaries, so that only authorized customers – this includes disabled veterans with VHIC cards – will be able to shop. While this policy is in effect visitors will not be allowed to enter the commissary. This is designed help with social distancing and crowd control. Children under 10 with their parents don’t have to have an ID card.
  • Effective March 15, to prevent customer-to-customer spread of germs, commissary cashiers no longer handle patron ID cards. Instead, customers will be asked to scan their own ID. Cashiers can use the handheld scanner if available or have the customer scan their own card.  
  • In a move to lessen panic-buying, the agency instructed its store directors worldwide to use their discretion in placing the shopping limits necessary to help maintain stock availability.
  • All personnel should have a face covering in their possession at all times, period.  No excuses.  It should become as natural as carrying your CAC card around with you.
  • Cover your cough:  Make sure you are coughing into your elbow or a tissue and not potentially spreading germs to your teammates.

Special Order Information

Special Occasion Cakes and Deli Trays

Order fresh custom-designed photo cakes or party cakes from the bakery department. Deli trays are great for office parties or the special meeting. Please place your order 48 hours in advance. Stop by our deli/bakery department.

Special Event Planning

We can help you plan your special occasion. Our knowledgable staff can accommodate special orders with as little as 48 hours prior notice. Come in and speak with our friendly staff for assistance.

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