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1100 - 1900
1100 - 1900
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1003 Champagne Ave
Coleville, CA 96107
United States

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours

Patrons shall purchase no more than 7 days of food and supplies per commissary visit. Patrons will limit commissary visits to one per week. Plan and prepare shopping lists accordingly. No more than 10 patrons will be allowed access into the commissary at a time. If he facility is already at the 10 patron limit, all others will maintain social distancing practices and queue outside the commissary in an orderly fashion. a) Be considerate of others and conduct your shopping quickly and efficiently. To maximize service under the 10 patron limit, families will send only one family member to shop at the commissary. The commissary management may be rationing certain items. Patrons will not attempt to circumvent the rationing process. Patrons will comply will all required hygiene guidelines provided by the commissary staff. Patrons will comply with the check-out procedures directed by the commissary staff.

In an effort to further enhance our ability to execute our mission and support our installation during the COVID-19.

I.D. card check at the entrance of the store and no visitors.  This will reduce the number of people in the store and help with social distancing.

We will eliminate early bird shopping hours to allow more time for cleaning and re-stocking our store.


Items on Sale

Featured Items Flyer

Postponed until further notice.

Sidewalk Sales

Postponed until further notice.

Department Telephone Numbers

Store Manager, 530-495-1271

Special Information

Department of Defense Expanding Access to Military Commissaries, Exchanges and Recreation Facilities.  Please visit for more information.

Commissary Reward Card

Make sure you sign up and receive extra savings with your Reward Card, you can upload the app to your smartphone.

Commissary Gift Cards

At your Bridgeport Commissary you can purchase Gift Cards in increments of $25 or $50 for any authorized commissary patron. It’s easy to use!

Commissary Store Brands

Three store brands are now available in the commissary. The three brands are Freedom's Choice for food products, Home Base for nonfood items, and Top Care for first aid supplies, vitamins, over the counter medications, and beauty care. Store brands are a high-quality, low-cost alternative to national brands.

Organic Food Products

You can find organic products throughout the Bridgeport Commissary. They are easily identified on store shelves by the small green signs displaying the organic seal of the United States Department of Agriculture. Find a wide variety of organic items ranging from organic milk, eggs, soups, yogurts, frozen veggies, cereals, frozen pizzas, enchiladas, shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions throughout the store.

Guest Rules


**At this time "early bird" hours have been temporarily eliminated due to COVID-19.  Additionally, only valid ID card holders are able to access the store at this time--no additional visitors will be allowed to access the store**


Special Order Information

Meat Department

Call the expert Fallon meat cutters for all of your special order needs at 775.426.3420 x221.

The meat department also offers full cry-o-vac primals at cost. We will cut and wrap them to your exact specifications. Meat comes from Fallon four days a week, and in most cases we can have your special order to you the very next day.

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