Featured Items and Sales Flyer


In order to better focus on meeting the everyday needs of our patrons, we have temporarily suspended the distribution of our bi-weekly sales flyer.  The overall 23%+ savings you deserve on all your grocery needs will NOT be affected by the lack of the sales flyer as promotional activity will continue but will not be highlighted as our stores focus in keeping our shelves full. 


By suspending the sale's flyer, the commissary will be singularly focused to meet the challenge of our nation's fight against COVID-19.  The commissary, in partnership with Department of Defense leadership and public health professionals, is committed to meeting that challenge.  Please be reassured that all items sold in the commissary are obtained from approved food sources only.  To add additional comfort, our store personnel are also committed to providing you a safe and clean shopping experience at all times. 


We ask for your continued understanding and support as we diligently work to meet your needs each and every day.    


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