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Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties are:

Fundamental rights and freedoms protected by the Constitution of the United States.

DeCA will:

Protect the civil liberties of its personnel and the public to the greatest extent possible, consistent with its operational requirements.

Appropriately consider civil liberties in the review, development, and implementation of new or existing laws, regulations, policies, and initiatives related to homeland defense, intelligence collection, and law enforcement activities.

Maintain no information on how an individual exercises rights protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, including the freedoms of speech, assembly, press and religion, except as follows:

How to File a Complaint:

To report a civil liberties violation to the DeCA Civil Liberties Officer (CLO), please mail (no e-mail, faxes, or phone complaints) your complaint letter to:

Your letter will help the DeCA CLO determine if your complaint raises a civil liberties concern. Your letter will also help the CLO decide whether your complaint should be referred to a DeCA organization or another DoD component for investigation. If your letter does not include all of the information below, the CLO may be unable to process your complaint. The following information must be included in your letter:

What then:

The CLO will mail you a letter acknowledging receipt of your complaint letter. The CLO will review your letter to make a preliminary determination if your letter raises civil liberty concerns. After thoroughly reviewing your letter, the CLO will notify you by mail of any action taken with regard to your letter. Complaint letters that do not contain civil liberties concerns will be returned to you.

For More Information, See:

Defense Privacy & Civil Liberties Office

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