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News Room: News Releases 2016

2017 brings more commissary savings, healthy choices
DeCA 72-16
DeCA selects private label supplier
DeCA 71-16
Remember your commissary to save on holiday meals
DeCA 70-16
Scholarships for Military Children opens Dec. 13
DeCA 69-16
Commissaries feature holiday savings
DeCA 68-16
Remember your commissary for Thanksgiving savings
DeCA 67-16
Help the holidays shine brighter
DeCA 66-16
Frost selected as DeCA's West Area director
DeCA 65-16
Happy birthday Marines on 241 years of service!
DeCA 64-16
McKinley: From commissary sergeant to U.S. president
DeCA 63-16
November sale events honor military
DeCA 62-16
Wilma is DeCA's new public health, safety director
DeCA 61-16
Shoppers can get free reusable shopping bags
DeCA 60-16
Happy birthday Navy on 241 years of service!
DeCA 59-16
Schmidt named to head DeCA Washington Office
DeCA 58-16
Commissaries step up to support Feds Feed Families
DeCA 57-16
Commissaries join 'Kale Army' in support of national event
DeCA 56-16
DeCA celebrates 25 years of delivering commissary benefit
DeCA 55-16
So many holidays, so much to save at your commissary
DeCA 54-16
Army spouse gets free groceries, trip to NASCAR race
DeCA 53-16
Commissaries celebrate 69 years of Air Force service
DeCA 52-16
Commissaries Kept Benefit Flowing In Wake of 9/11
DeCA 51-16
Proper handling can prevent foodborne illness
DeCA 50-16
Save money on emergency kit supplies
DeCA 49-16
September sales boost shoppers' savings
DeCA 48-16
Want to save even more? Get a Commissary Rewards Card
DeCA 47-16
Manager awarded for excellence in pushing produce
DeCA 45-16
Commissary case lot sales help maximize the benefit
DeCA 44-16
DeCA announces its Best Commissary winners
DeCA 43-16
Commissaries celebrate 226 years of Coast Guard service
DeCA 42-16
Incirlik store goes 'above and beyond' during power outage
DeCA 41-16
Commissaries in Korea will stock U.S. poultry again
DeCA 40-16
Commissaries in Korea will stock U.S. poultry again
DeCA 39-16
700 military children earn scholarships
DeCA 38-16
Commissary patrons help drive Feds Feed Families support
DeCA 37-16
Savings, giveaways heat up for commissaries in July
DeCA 36-16
From Florida to Samoa, on-site sales extend benefit
DeCA 35-16
NASCAR driver visits commissary, wounded warriors
DeCA 34-16
ProCamps bring football stars to military youth
DeCA 33-16
In the shadow of Mt. Pinatubo
DeCA 32-16
Your Healthy Lifestyle Festivals coming in July
DeCA 31-16
Archileti retires after more than 37 years of service
DeCA 30-16
Commissaries, Army share proud legacy of service
DeCA 29-16
Summer savings sizzle at your commissary
DeCA 28-16
Are you prepared for a disaster?
DeCA 27-16
Frost named East Area director
DeCA 26-16
Commissaries have sizzling savings on meat
DeCA 25-16
Food safety at the grill is everyone's responsibility
DeCA 24-16
Commissary gift cards offer unique value for patrons
DeCA 23-16
May is Military Appreciation Month at the commissary
DeCA 22-16
Commissaries 'go green' on Earth Day, every day
DeCA 21-16
Investing in your benefit
DeCA 20-16
DeCA enjoys 14 years of clean financial audits
DeCA 19-16
Spring case lot sales offer maximum savings
DeCA 18-16
DeCA names new accounting director
DeCA 17-16
Discover your savings
DeCA 16-16
'Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans'
DeCA 15-16
Commissary savings highlight Month of Military Child
DeCA 14-16
Overcoming obstacles. Pacific logistics chief honored for keeping commissaries supplied.
DeCA 13-16
Serving the military in a crisis
DeCA 12-16
Frozen food savings featured in March
DeCA 11-16
Commissary Value Brands offer extra savings
DeCA 10-16
Commissaries, Military Saves Week offer ways to stretch hard-earned dollars
DeCA 09-16
Commissaries adjust to Korea's renewed ban on U.S. uncooked poultry
DeCA 08-16
First black West Point grad, commissary officer overcame prejudice during illustrious career
DeCA 07-16
February offers plenty of sweet commissary savings
DeCA 06-16
Deadline nears for scholarship applications
DeCA 05-16
Is your fridge ready for the big game?
DeCA 04-16
IG transition: Owens, Williams retire Dec. 31
DeCA 03-16
Reducing Waste: DeCA stores set record for paper, plastic, cardboard recycling
DeCA 02-16
Commissaries in South Korea to stock U.S. poultry again
DeCA 01-16

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