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News Room: News Releases 2015

Flip the calendar to a new year of commissary savings
DeCA 70-15
Stores accepting scholarship applications Dec. 15
DeCA 69-15
Ring in the holidays with savings at your commissary
DeCA 68-15
Black Friday sales set for stateside commissaries
DeCA 67-15
DeCA's Disabled Employee of Year honored at Pentagon
DeCA 66-15
Orange is the new green
DeCA 65-15
Commissaries host 'Thank You' Veterans Day sales
DeCA 64-15
Gift of groceries
DeCA 63-15
Commissaries in Korea will be stocked with turkeys for Thanksgiving
DeCA 62-15
Commissaries observe Military Family Month
DeCA 61-15
Commissaries unveil November sales events
DeCA 60-15
DeCA collects 1.6M pounds in Feds Feed Families items
DeCA 59-15
Commissaries to start final leg of in-store Wi-Fi rollout
DeCA 58-15
Holiday savings on tap at your commissary
DeCA 57-15
DeCA marks 24 years of service
DeCA 56-15
Soldier receives free commissary groceries for a year
DeCA 55-15
A future president began as a commissary sergeant
DeCA 54-15
Proper care of groceries reduces foodborne illnesses
DeCA 53-15
September is Preparedness Month
DeCA 52-15
Commissaries stay vigilant in tracking food recalls
DeCA 51-15
DeCA announces its Best Commissary winners
DeCA 50-15
Your commissary offers cool savings this fall
DeCA 49-15
Commissary case lot sales deliver maximum savings
DeCA 48-15
Cooked poultry returning to commissaries in Korea
DeCA 47-15
Commissary food bank donations top 4 million pounds
DeCA 46-15
'Back to School' savings coming in August
DeCA 45-15
Commissary Gift Cards offer unique value for patrons
DeCA 44-15
New Fort Rucker Commissary opens to waiting patrons
DeCA 43-15
Japan's embargo limits poultry in commissaries
DeCA 42-15
Commissary Value Brands offer nearly 500 items
DeCA 41-15
700 students earn scholarship awards
DeCA 40-15
Happy Birthday! July 1 marks 148 years of military commissary benefit
DeCA 39-15
Camp Carroll Commissary to celebrate grand reopening
DeCA 38-15
Healthy Lifestyle Fests spotlight nutritious choices
DeCA 37-15
DeCA dietitian to provide healthier choices to commissary patrons
DeCA 36-15
Commissaries collection sites for Feds Feed Families
DeCA 35-15
Granado tapped as new east area director
DeCA 34-15
Summer savings sizzle at your commissary
DeCA 33-15
Be prepared – even for zombies!
DeCA 32-15
Deli-bakery contract awarded for 44 commissaries
DeCA 31-15
DeCA taking commissary benefit on the road
DeCA 30-15
Commissaries urge food safety at the barbecue
DeCA 29-15
Commissaries continue rolling out in-store Wi-Fi
DeCA 28-15
Winchester to return to DeCA's Zone 1
DeCA 27-15
Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, Military Appreciation signal commissary savings
DeCA 26-15
Commissary surcharge helps patrons improve benefit
DeCA 25-15
Commissaries support environment year round
DeCA 24-15
Stateside case lot sales return
DeCA 23-15
Commissaries start roll out of in-store Wi-Fi
DeCA 22-15
Fact or fiction: What do you know about your commissary benefit?
DeCA 21-15
Commissaries highlight Month of Military Child with savings
DeCA 20-15
Deli, bakery contract sought for 22 more stores
DeCA 19-15
DeCA honors its EEO Award recipients for 2014
DeCA 18-15
Discover your benefit at
DeCA 17-15
13 years and counting: DeCA's fiscal excellence continues
DeCA 16-15
DeCA seeks new deli and bakery contractor for 22 commissaries
DeCA 15-15
DeCA expects several more months before Pacific commissaries return to normal
DeCA 14-15
'Frozen Food Month' brings commissary savings
DeCA 13-15
Commissaries support Military Saves Week
DeCA 12-15
Nearly 100 items to be added to Value Brand Program
DeCA 11-15
Japan, Okinawa commissaries to receive poultry shipments from West Coast ports
DeCA 10-15
Commissaries adjust to overseas embargo on poultry
DeCA 9-15
'Heart Healthy Month' brings commissary savings
DeCA 8-15
Pulley selected new Zone 21 manager
DeCA 7-15
Oceana Commissary to test in-store Wi-Fi for patrons
DeCA 6-15
Diallo named chief of workforce engineering
DeCA 5-15
Great Deals On Game-Time Treats
DeCA 4-15
Deadline for 2015 scholarship applications is Feb. 13
DeCA 3-15
DeCA to airlift certain products to some Pacific stores
DeCA 2-15
DeCA working to fix product shortages for overseas stores
DeCA 1-15

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