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News Room: News Releases 2012

Russ selected director of business development
DeCA 79-12
Commissary customers pocket more savings, value
DeCA 78-12
Commissary recycling nets $5.3 million for surcharge
DeCA 77-12
Commissaries connect employee well-being to customer satisfaction
DeCA 76-12
Commissaries get high marks in annual customer survey
DeCA 74-12
Scholarships For Military Children Opens Dec. 3
DeCA 73-12
Special deals for holiday cheers at your commissary
DeCA 72-12
Commissary Rewards Card helps patrons save money
DeCA 71-12
Discover more of your benefit at
DeCA 70-12
Commissaries Partner With 'Feds Hire Vets'
DeCA 68-12
Commissaries help lessen impact of rising meat prices
DeCA 67-12
Archileti Directs Performance; Graff Leads Strategic Planning
DeCA 66-12
Archileti receives DeCA Distinguished Civilian Service Award
DeCA 65-12
Make your commissary Halloween headquarters
DeCA 64-12
Your commissary offers more savings for the holidays
DeCA 63-12
Commissary Rewards Card now available worldwide
DeCA 62-12
Fall Signals Beginning Of Holiday Savings Events
DeCA 61-12
Williams selected as supervisory investigator
DeCA 60-12
DeCA begins rollout of Commissary Rewards Card
DeCA 59-12
Groundbreaking held for Pittsburgh-area commissary
DeCA 58-12
September promotions offer cool commissary savings
DeCA 57-12
A good breakfast can fuel classroom success
DeCA 56-12
September case lot event offers bulk savings
DeCA 55-12
Perry Named Acting Chief Information Officer
DeCA 53-12
It’s berry picking time at your commissary
DeCA 51-12
Dowling selected DeCA’s deputy director, COO
DeCA 50-12
Commissaries support Feds Feed Families
DeCA 49-12
‘Back to School’ – Save on school lunches, snacks at your commissary
DeCA 48-12
DeCA merges its IG, internal audit offices
DeCA 47-12
Farmers Markets top list of July promotions heating up commissary savings
DeCA 46-12
New, larger commissary opens at Fort Campbell
DeCA 45-12
‘Are You Ready?’
DeCA 44-12
Scholarship program surpasses $10 million in grants
DeCA 43-12
Commissary Savings Support Military Community
DeCA 42-12
‘Your Pet’ Promotions Deliver Extra Savings
DeCA 41-12
Fort Carson celebrates opening of new commissary
DeCA 40-12
Commissaries Honored For Creative Merchandising
DeCA 39-12
Cairo Commissary deputy receives leadership award
DeCA 38-12
DeCA recognizes its Best Commissary Award winners
DeCA 37-12
New Fort Carson Commissary opens May 9
DeCA 36-12
Commissaries Celebrate Military Appreciation Month
DeCA 35-12
Commissaries announce coupon policy changes
DeCA 33-12
'Of kids, commissaries, peas and carrots'
DeCA 32-12
Recipe contest winners announced
DeCA 31-12
Family Fun Fitness Festival A 'Must Visit' For Savings, Excitement
DeCA 30-12
Commissary Agency Excellent Steward Of Taxpayer Dollars
DeCA 29-12
More Military Shoppers Using Their Commissary Benefit
DeCA 28-12
Tips For Buying, Cooking Easter Ham
DeCA 27-12
Commissaries supporting Month of Military Child
DeCA 26-12
Zone managers, store directors on the move
DeCA 25-12
Commissaries spring into savings for April
DeCA 24-12
Commissaries’ customer service rating tops industry average
DeCA 23-12
Chambers leaves DeCA for VA in San Diego
DeCA 22-12
Exercise Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield 2012 could affect commissary operating hours on stateside Navy bases
DeCA 21-12
What’s On Your Plate For Dinner This Week
DeCA 20-12
Sale of Reusable Bags Tops 5 Million
DeCA 19-12
Fort Riley to celebrate renovated commissary
DeCA 18-12
Commissaries to add premeasured detergent packets
DeCA 17-12
‘March Madness’ takes over commissaries
DeCA 16-12
Cold deals at hot savings during Frozen Food Month
DeCA 15-12
Military trailblazer, commissary officer overcomes racism
DeCA 14-12
Six easy ways to extend your food budget
DeCA 13-12
DeCA partners with DoD to push ‘Military Saves Week’
DeCA 12-12
Deadline Feb. 24 for scholarship applications
DeCA 11-12
DeCA sorts its waste for a better environment
DeCA 10-12
Make the commissary your one-stop shop for Super Bowl celebrations
DeCA 09-12
DeCA awarded for hiring people with disabilities
DeCA 08-12
Save money while helping worthy causes at your commissary
DeCA 07-12
Valentine specials offer sweet deals
DeCA 06-12
Selecting the right ingredients can boost meal enjoyment
DeCA 05-12
Enjoy your food, just eat less
DeCA 04-12
'Feeling good' may be best New Year's resolution
DeCA 03-12
Resolve to save more money at your commissary
DeCA 02-12
Commissary surcharge helps improve benefit
DeCA 01-12

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