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What's on the grill?

Meat savings, BBQ combine for sensational seasonal sizzle

FORT LEE, Va. (May 12, 2017) – With May being National Barbecue Month, an army of backyard chefs are already firing up their grills. And if they're commissary shoppers, they can save big on their meats and other grilling needs – sauces, condiments, side dishes, aluminum foil, charcoal briquettes and more.

"The word is out: You cannot beat the commissary's low prices on meat items," said Charlie Dowlen, the Defense Commissary Agency's category manager for meat. "Before you light your grill, take advantage of your benefit and pocket the savings."

Commissary sales for meat surge this time of the year, as much as 30 to 40 percent or more, Dowlen said. "The warm weather turns everyone's thoughts to barbecuing, so we definitely stock up on related products to accommodate grilling season."

Some of the commissary's most popular items sold during grilling season are ground beef and hamburger patties, steaks (T-bones, rib eyes, sirloin), baby back and spareribs, and brisket, Dowlen said. "Patrons looking to save even more on their grill meats should look for forequarter meat such as chuck meat, as well as pork and chicken – chicken legs and thighs are cheaper than breast meat and wings."

For specific promotions related to the grilling season, commissary patrons can go to the Sales & Events page and access the sales flyer to see discounted prices through May 21 on everything from charcoal briquettes, barbecue sauce, sausages and franks, condiments and more. They will also see their stores promoting local sales on top of everyday meat savings, Dowlen added.

Ongoing meat-related promotions include the following:

  • The 2017 Memorial Day Holiday Coupon booklet is offering savings of more than $13 on in-store processed fresh beef or pork with qualifying purchases. Continuing through June 30, the themed coupon booklet is available in stateside commissaries (to include Alaska and Hawaii) offering discounts when purchasing fresh, store-processed beef or fresh pork with their weekend holiday essentials. The booklet is sponsored by Kraft Heinz, Pepperidge Farms, Chinet, Kellogg's, Johnsonville and Bimbo Bakeries. Limited quantities are available; check your local commissary for details.
  • Memorial Day Summer Grilling Contest! Kraft Heinz Company is offering patrons a chance to win a $500 commissary gift card – 19 prizes total. This online contest continues through June 4. Look for in-store mass displays for details.
  • Johnsonville Summer Grilling program. Continuing through Sept. 30, all Johnsonville Griller patties have been placed on promotional pricing and $1 coupons are also available.
  • Supporting military families. Continuing through July 4, Eckrich, sponsor of Operation Homefront, is donating 5 cents for every purchase of specially marked packages of Eckrich Rope Smoked Sausage – up to $500,000 – to help support military families. Look in commissaries worldwide for military store coupons offering "Buy One, Get One Free."

"Our meat savings are a deal our patrons cannot pass up," Dowlen said. "Our meat departments are full of destination categories for our customers. Your commissary always offers better meat savings than commercial stores – making it well worth the trip, especially during grilling season."

About DeCA: The Defense Commissary Agency operates a worldwide chain of commissaries providing groceries to military personnel, retirees and their families in a safe and secure shopping environment. Commissaries provide a military benefit and make no profit on the sale of merchandise. Authorized patrons save thousands of dollars annually on their purchases compared to commercial prices when shopping regularly at a commissary. The discounted prices include a 5-percent surcharge, which covers the costs of building new commissaries and modernizing existing ones. A core military family support element, and a valued part of military pay and benefits, commissaries contribute to family readiness, enhance the quality of life for America's military and their families, and help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women to serve their country.

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