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Protecting the Environment

solar panals, LA Commissary

DeCA has had an energy management program since its activation in fiscal 1991 and a professional energy manager since 1992. Our program includes energy audits, designs and retrofits; energy management training for store-level energy supervisors; improved design criteria; a Web-based energy data reporting system; and region utility efficiency task forces and partnerships with the Department of Energy. As a result of our focus on energy conservation, DeCA stores routinely perform better than commercial stores:


50 (kWh/sf)*


35.5 (kWh/sf)*

*Kilowatt-Hours per square foot

Reusable Bags

Reusable, recyclable bags have really caught the attention of commissary shoppers who want to help protect the environment. Shoppers have purchased more than 2 million of the reusable bags since commissaries began offering them in October 2007. Three new bags have been added to DeCA�s stock assortment for 2009: a larger green bag, a thermal green bag and a sturdy canvas bag. �These additions should result in increased sales of reusable bags and give our earth-friendly customers what they need to �go green� when they shop,� said Linda Callery, a commissary management specialist in DeCA�s marketing business unit.

Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Another "green" initiative that has caught on with commissary shoppers is the compact fluorescent bulb, or CFL � the swirl-shaped bulbs found in the commissary�s household goods aisle. DeCA has increased its selection of the energy-saving bulbs for fiscal 2009, adding new Compact Fluorescent Smart Packs. Displays and shippers have helped sales of CFLs continue to grow and expand. Household penetration of CFLs is still only around 20 percent of the average home�s energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy Web site, so there is still a long way to go in expanding this category. More information on CFLs can be found at the ENERGY STAR web site.

Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products sold by DeCA include floor and surface cleaners, laundry softeners, tissues and wipes. For Earth Day 2009 this year, we launched a promotion campaign that showcased sustainable products to our customers that would improve the environment. That commitment to green products is evidenced with DeCA currently stocking more than 20 2X concentrated products at commissaries worldwide, and has six 3X products on its shelves. These �double� and �triple� concentrated products are more powerful than their unconcentrated counterparts and are user- and environment-friendly. They help save millions of gallons of water that would have otherwise been added to the product and come in smaller packages, which makes them less expensive to transport because more product fits into a single truck. 2X and 3X products also use less plastic per product than unconcentrated formulas, so they reduce the amount of trash produced annually by consumers.

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