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CLICK2GO Curbside Pickup FAQ

Question Answer

How do I place a CLICK2GO order?

  • Go to the CLICK2GO page.
  • Choose your service location and register an account, if needed.
  • Once you have logged in to your account, search for products by name or click the department and category links to browse our virtual aisles. (You can also add notes along the way and at checkout to make sure we know exactly what you want)
  • When you’re ready, complete checkout and choose your pickup time.
  • Pick up and pay for your order at your commissary’s curbside pickup point.
To learn more, view our YouTube video, “Do You Know How to CLICK2GO?”.

Question Answer

Is it possible that products I order online in the morning could have a different price when I pick them up in the afternoon or evening of the same day?

Yes. Depending on the actual time you place your order, you could experience different prices on the same items on the same day, particularly on items such as produce and fresh meat. Prices of these commodities are based on daily market conditions and receipts, and could change daily, either higher or lower than the price presented online.

Question Answer

What stores will have CLICK2GO and when?

DeCA will be testing Internet shopping with a curbside pickup at three stores. The pilot sites and start dates are as follows:

  • Fort Lee Commissary, VA – July 10, 2013
  • Offutt Air Force Base Commissary, NE – Sept. 25, 2013
  • Travis Air Force Base Commissary, CA – Oct. 23, 2013
Question Answer

Why is DeCA testing CLICK2GO at only three commissaries?

A three-store test will allow DeCA the opportunity to evaluate customer acceptance and operational effectiveness before expanding the service to more locations.

Question Answer

How long will the pilot test last?

The test will last for a minimum of 12 months.

Question Answer

Will I be able to order every item that the commissary sells inside the store?

The majority of items sold in the commissary will be available through the CLICK2GO service. Most grocery, dairy, frozen, and produce items will be offered. A limited assortment of meat, delicatessen, bakery, and seafood items will be available.

Question Answer

Will I be required to pay for orders online?

No. Payment is made at the time of pickup. An estimated order total will be visible as items are added to the online shopping basket and when the order is submitted. Keep in mind, the online shopping basket is only an estimated total. The actual total is computed based on the price of the item in effect at the time of pickup at the store.

Question Answer

Are CLICK2GO orders home delivered?

No. Orders will be available for curbside pickup only.

Question Answer

Will I be required to pay for CLICK2GO orders at regular checkout lines at time of pickup?

No. Payment for CLICK2GO orders will be collected at the curbside pickup location. You may choose any of the following payment options at the time of pickup: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards; and debit cards that process as credit cards (do not require you to enter a PIN). Cash, check, a debit card that requires a PIN, and EBT/WIC vouchers cannot be accepted at curbside.

Question Answer

Is there a minimum dollar amount or number of items I must purchase to be able to use CLICK2GO?

There is no minimum order size requirement at the start of the test. DeCA may establish minimums in the future, once results have been evaluated.

Question Answer

Will I be charged a service fee when using CLICK2GO?

No. There will be no fee to use this service at the start of the test. Order totals will include the price of ordered products (at time of pickup) plus a 5 percent surcharge. DeCA may charge a service fee in the future once test results have been evaluated. Any service fee charged will be based on current market rates for similar services.

Question Answer

Why does my receipt show a 5% tax applied?

Click2Go is a retail software package with certain data elements, such as "tax," that is inherent in the software application. Changing the word tax to "surcharge" could not be done without DeCA incurring a significant cost to make that change, so we decided not to make the change. But please know the 5% you are charged that shows as "tax" is actually the surcharge we currently collect, which is used to pay for supplies, to build new commissaries and to renovate existing ones.

Question Answer

Should I tip the person handling my order when I pick up my groceries?

No. Tips are not permitted as this service will be performed by commissary employees and they are not authorized to collect tips.

Question Answer

How far in advance do I need to place my order before I can pick it up?

There is a minimum six-hour lead time from time of order to time of curbside pickup. At the Fort Lee store for example, an order submitted at 5 a.m. can be picked up the same day as early as 11 a.m. An order placed at 1 p.m. can be picked up at 7 p.m., which is the last pickup time for the day. Any orders placed after 1 p.m. will default to the next available pickup time on the next day.

Remember, also, you can place your order anytime, day or night, and select your pickup window for fulfillment. The system will allow you to place your order as far as six days ahead of the day you want to pick it up. Keep in mind, however, that the prices shown on the CLICK2GO system at the time you place your order may be different than the price charged at curbside because our pricing policy is to charge you the price of items at time of pickup.

Question Answer

How do I return a product I bought using CLICK2GO?

Returns will be handled as a normal return, inside the commissary at the customer service area. You can view our return policy at:

Question Answer

Can I use cash to pay for my curbside orders?

Cash, check, debit cards that require entering a PIN, and EBT/WIC vouchers cannot be accepted at curbside. However, you may use any of the following payment options at the time of pickup: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards; debit cards that process as credit cards (do not require you to enter a PIN).

Question Answer

Can I add additional items after I have submitted my order?

You may add additional items to your order up to six hours before time of pickup.

Question Answer

What if an item I ordered is not available? Can I request substitute items?

At time of checkout, you will be asked if you would like to allow substitutions. If you allow substitutions, DeCA’s policy is:

  • To substitute a like item in the closest size and at the closest price of the actual item ordered.
  • On certain items, DeCA’s policy is not to substitute unless the patron specifically allows substitutions of other brand names. These items include baby products, soft drinks, and hygiene products to name a few.
  • If you elect not to accept a substituted product at the time of pickup, the fulfillment worker can delete that item from the order at curbside.
Question Answer

Will commissary fulfillment workers pull coupons from shelves when picking my order?

No. The major focus of our fulfillment workers is to accurately pick orders. Therefore, fulfillment workers will not pull shelf coupons. The DeCA Rewards Card and paper coupons will be accepted at time of curbside pickup and payment so that you may take advantage of those additional savings.

Question Answer

What is your pricing policy as it relates to curbside service?

DeCA’s pricing policy, similar to retail grocery chains that offer this service, is to charge you the item price in effect on the day and time of pickup. Because of this, the price you see online may be different – either higher or lower – than the price in effect on the day you place your order.

Question Answer

Can I place multiple orders for pickup during the same time slot?

It is possible to create multiple orders, then select multiple time slots during the same 30-minute pickup. However, once the time slot quotas are filled for that 30-minute window, the next window of opportunity will open. Even though this is possible, it is more efficient for our fulfillment team to fill and check out a single curbside order rather than multiple orders. Plus, selecting multiple time slots in the same 30-minute window limits other customers’ access to those times.

Question Answer

How long will you hold my order if I miss my proposed pickup time?

We will not automatically cancel your order. If you have not picked up your order by the end of that business day, which is normally 7 p.m. at our test stores, we will attempt to call you that night or early the next day to see whether or not you still want your order and arrange another pickup time for you. We will cancel your order if you desire.

Question Answer

I am an agent for an authorized shopper. Can I place and pick up an order for the authorized patron?

Yes. Agents who shop for authorized patrons are permitted to place and pick up orders. The sponsor must validate through DEERS and establish his or her account in the CLICK2GO system. You can help with their online shopping. At curbside, you will have to present the same documentation that is required when you shop inside the store, based on the guidelines for that installation. This required documentation is normally an Agent Letter or Agent Card and the sponsor’s military ID.

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